The Lady Finger

December 18, 2010

"saya berharap koma dulu sebelum titik. titik itu berkesan mati. tapi yasudahlah, kalau sudah titik mau diapakan lagi?"

December 11, 2010

Going The Distance

A romantic comedy centered on a guy and a gal who try to keep their love alive as they shuttle back and forth between New York and San Francisco to see one another. (imdb)

cerita ini menceritakan tentang bagimana usaha dua orang yang menjalin kasih untuk bisa bertemu satu sama lain. berusaha agar mereka berdua tetap bersatu walau adanya jarak yang jauh diantara mereka berdua.
jodoh itu tidak hanya melihat dan menunggu siapa jodoh kita, dari mana jodoh kita. tapi jodoh itu bisa saja ada di sekitar kita. orang yang selalu bersama kita.
jodoh itu tergantung gimana kita berdua berusaha dan berkoban untuk mempertahankannya. kembali lagi, mungkin jodoh itu di tangan Tuhan. Tuhanlah yang menentukan semuanya, kita sebagai manusia hanya bisa berusaha dan berkorban agar orang yang kita sayang bisa menjadi jodoh kita, bukan? Tuhan pun maha tahu, kalau kita berusaha dan rela berkorban dan berjuang untuk orang yang kita sayang. pasti Tuhan menjadikan dia jodoh kita.

pada intinya, suatu hubungan itu bukan hanya satu orang saja yang harus berjuang dan mempertahankan hubungan. karena yang menjalankan hubungan ini terdiri dari dua orang yang saling menyayangi. so, we have to fight for each other. logic and feeling must be run simultaneously.

December 8, 2010

Two Strangers

Last night I texted you. I don't know why I suddenly missed you. don't you realize, if we talk like a strangers in almost 3 months. we don't talk much as much as we usually did.
sometimes we talk unimportant things just wanna talk to each other and make some weird topics. and it just too strange!
I miss to tell you anything like we used to. I really do.

December 7, 2010

a simple birthday wish

Good People Dies Young

don't waste your time on things that you think you don't have it, because there is always someone out there who needs what you have - Rika Puspita

yesterday was the most saddest day for my entire class. our friend, RIKA PUSPITA has passed away. she was a nice, she was smart, she was cute and she was young when she died.

saya mungkin tidak begitu dekat dengan, Rika. tapi pribadinnya cukup melekat di hati saya. sedikit cerita, Rika adalah cewek mungil yang riang. dia pribadi yang tidak pelit akan ilmu. saya ini termaksud mahasiswa yang malas, apa lagi menjelang uts saya jarang sekali belajar. saya sukanya terima beres dan terima jawaban aja dari kiri-kanan saya (aduh memalukan!). suatu saat, ketika uts saya duduk di samping Rika, saya ingin bertanya kepadanya tentang jawaban uts pada saat itu. awalnya Rika enggan kasih jawaban kesaya, mungkin dia menyuruh saya untuk usaha dulu, mengerjakan sebisa saya. tapi akhirnya dia nyerah dan akhirnya kasih saya jawabannya juga, yaa karena saya memasang muka melas, mungkin dia kesian sama saya. kamu kesian yah sama saya, Rika? ehehehe
kamu selalu bilang saya lucu, walaupun kenyataannya saya ini jauh dari kata lucu loh, Rik. saya senang ngobrol sama kamu, bercanda sama kamu, di ajarin kamu, di kasih contekan sama kamu. hehehe

tanggal 19 November 2010 lalu saya mengucapkan selamat ulang tahun ke Rika dan tanggal 3 Desember 2010 dia menyucapkan selamat ulang tahun ke saya.
tanggal 6 Desember 2010, Rika pergi di panggil oleh Tuhan YME.

aaah begitu cepat kamu pergi, Rika. pergi tanpa berpamitan terlebih dahulu dengan orang-orang yang sayang sama kamu.

aahh Rika, we love you, but God loves you more :'')
your smile, your voice and your kindness always be in our heart.
may you rest in peace my dearest friend. we can't talk and laugh like we used to :'( but we'll always remember and sent our prayers to you, Rika :')

November 14, 2010

Mata Ikan






October 3, 2010

I'm here, he's there.Things changed. It just got to be too hard.

We started on September 11, 2007 and we ended on September 29, 2010. after 3 years 19 days we've been together, we finally decided to ended the most long relationship we've had. aaaaaah! it's too sad, isn't it? it's too sad when you know that all wrong and mistakes are came by you (me). uuhm not only me, but us. it's too sad when you have to face it the world without him/her who usually they always be around us when we needed. i don't know, my eyes has been dry. i can't handle the tears to comes up. i'm too sad, don't you? i love you, i really do :'( how can i be so stupid like a little fish? did something who actually wrong, and you don't like if i did it. all can i say is sorry. i'm deeply sorry. but, you know what? i also feel so so so tired of this, not with you but the situation (the backstreet thing and how insensitive you are). i think this is the best way that we have choose. if we're meant to be, we will find its way, right? and i'm sure about that. i feel same like this quote "how the world seems so unfair, creating a love that cannot be shared as you go your way and i go mine"

you're the best thing that ever happened to me, i'm feel so glad for having a slice of cake with you, i'm so happy having an ice cream with you, went to some place that no one can't find us. to have had you in my life and being a little part of your life. i love you, Rozy :')

September 18, 2010

Multiple Exposure

my latest photoshoot with my brother (check his Deviant art)






photo tips :

if you want to take a multiple exposure like mine. use a low speed for about 15 - 30 seconds or more and also use a low ISO and don't forget to use an External Flash to get more lighting and for shooting in the place/thing that you want and then move your body to get a multiple effects.

September 13, 2010

in September 11, 2007 was a WTC tragedy. but in September 11, 2007 was the day when Mochammad Rozy said that he wanted me to be his girlfriend....
i feel so happy, even we can not celebrate it but i can feel the love.
we've been together for 3 years, we broke up for many times but i can feel that he loves me more each day....
hope, we can be a better couple and may happiness always be around us..

love you, always.

September 8, 2010

"yesterday love was such an easy game to play, now i need a place to hide away...."

August 31, 2010

i feel lost, and no friends left behind..

have you ever felt that you're missed something to tell? have you ever felt that you're such a useless people on earth? have ever felt that you're such a lonely person? you have friends but your friends doesn't even care with you...?

may be friend means a lot in our lives.. they're said that they were know me well.
but, is it true?

do you know my size?
do you know my favorite food?
do you know what thing that i hate?
do you know what i like?
do you know who is my favorite artist?
do you really know my hobbies?
do you know my favorite color?
and there's so many questions in my mind.

i think they don't even know about it. because they don't really know that i am exist. did i selfish? i think no, i just always did something wrong, wrong in other people eyes. though, we've already 10 years being a best friends. doesn't mean that they're know you very well. in other side, you try so hard to keep their feelings. you won't make their mad but people sometimes didn't know about it, they didn't know about what you mean, about what you feel and about what you think.

the real best friend will remind you when you made a mistakes. they won't judging you about your mistakes but best friend always give a best solution to solve it (in my opinion). but we're not the same person with the same ideas. so, we can't to expect like what we want to expected.

June 13, 2010

so, this is a belated birthday gift for Oji, it's because that thing just came one week ago.

fortunately, he was so happy when he got it from me. xx

June 11, 2010

I love summer.. but if your love were droplets of rain, I'd rather get wet just to be with you

Happy 2 years 9 months, for whatever reasons you're the best thing that ever happened to me :)

May 29, 2010

Oji's Birthday = No Presents :(

yesterday was Oji's birthday, but we can not celebrate like years ago. Unfortunately, we both got a job in the day. Oji was really busy with his final project for his last semester and I'm busy with brother's friend pre-wedding photoshoot. after Oji finished our job, I asked him to had some late birthday dinner at Takigawa.

sadly, I didn't gave him a present. it was my fault, when i was singapore I looked some gifts for him, i'm looking The Beatles Complete Albums but the price make me shocked and I decided to find other things that relate with The Beatles. then I went to Far East market one day before I came back to Jakarta. I found a John Lennon action figure. stupidly didn't directly buy those toys because I think tomorrow I still have time to get there before I go to the airport. next day I came back to the store, then what did I get ?????? The store was closed. I didn't know why the store was closed. I felt want to cry. regret always coming late.
till today I haven't bought any presents for him yet. I am very sorry for that.
but I have already ordered the stuff, but probably it will arrive in early June. better late than never, right?????

today Oji texted me and he said "even this year I didn't get a gift from you, but I think you're the greatest gift that God gave to me" aah that is so sweet! I am so touching..

ps : Happy Birthday, Oji and I love You.

May 21, 2010

Singapore part 3, Boy alerts!!

One of the reason that made me wanna stay longer in Singapore it is because of boys! they were adorable, not the native one but a tourist and a foreign students, of course! hahaha

cowok-cowok pendatang atau lebih tepatnya bule pendatang di singapura itu ganteng-ganteng dan lucu-lucu, harusnya mereka masuk dalam daftar tujuan Visit Singapore. gak tau kenapa yah tapi pas gue disana mata gue ini bawaannya jelalatan melulu apalagi temen gue yang namanya Lambok ini yang udah jelas-jelas klo ada cewe telanjang aja dia ga demen, jadi kita ber 2 ini klo ada bule (cowok) dari jarak 5 meter aja kita udah punya radar untuk nengok dan klo bulenya emang kece berat leher kita bisa muter 360 derajat. hebat bukan??

ga heran klo si Lambok kegemarannya adalah pergi ke daerah Orchard yang udah jelas-jelas bule-bule pada demennya nongkrong disana. *sigh

ga beda jauh sama bule-bule di Indonesia bule-bule Singapura juga doyannya sama (sorry) "mbakteng" atau embak-embak tengil. waktu itu gue malem-malem lagi jalan disekitar Orchard Tower banyak banget embak-embak yang udah pada nongkrong disana dengan dandanan yah kurang lebih kaya mbak-mbak club malem disekitar Braga, Bandung.

kita ber 3 ( gue, okty, Lambok) abis selesai dinner di One Fullerton didaerah Marina Bay, kita jalan-jalan sampe Jembatan Marina Bay yang lagi dibangun ituloh. cukup gempor juga. akhirnya kita kecapean trus manggil taxi niat mau pulang kerumah, eh pas ditengah jalan Okty pengen belanja disupermarket 24 jam (bukan mustafa yah) gue lupa namanya apa, ada disekitar Orchard. tapi ajaibnya pas kita kesana kok tokonya ga ada, heran nih gue sama si Okty udah hampir 2 tahun di Singapura tapi masih ga hapal jalan. anyway, karena toko yang dicari ga ada, jadilah kita jalan-jalan aja disekitar Orchard Tower tersebut. berhubung baju kita (Gue dan Okty) agak seronok, gue seronok di depan sekitar dada dan sekitar paha, klo si okty disekitar punggung aja (doi pake baju ala-ala sundel bolong) trus kita beli minum di 711, ga lama ada bule yang ngegodain Okty, klo ga salah tuh bule ngomong "hey sweetheart". tumbennya si Okty kok ga ngeladenin tuh bule yah? ga lama doi nyuruh kita cepet-cepet jalan, dan ternyata didaerah sana adalah tempat prostitusi disingapura. oohh takut ditawar doi rupanya, ehehhe. pantesan aja Sex Shop berteberan disana klo di Indonesia udah di obrak-obrik kali tuh tempat sama FPI (no offense yah? ;p)

Back to our main topic. oiya, klo disana gue kadang-kadang suka miris ngeliatnya. kenapa? karena banyak banget cowo ganteng yang mubazir (Homosekual) tapi walaupun gay tetep aja enak diliatnya. klo gay bule yang agak ngondek itu jarang, yang ada gay bule itu macho-macho banget. pantesan aja si Lambok demen (klo rejeki ga kemana yah,mbok?).

Di Singapura, jiwa pedofillia gue mulai muncul, gue ga tahan banget deh ngeliat anak-anak bule yang sekitar umurnya masih 14th-an rasanya tuh gue pengen masukin karung trus gue paketin ke rumah gue. aahh they're so cute! apa lagi bule-bule tua macem George Clooney ato ga yang macho kaya Bradley Cooper. i will die for him, seriously!