The Lady Finger

March 21, 2013

Zodiac Rules The World.

Do you believe in Zodiac? I mean not literally believe in it as religion but more like you believe it because all the predictions sometimes right. haha. I always get excited if there is a zodiac prediction every day, sounds stupid but yeah, I do believe in it. 
And today, just checked my Sign on twitter and I was so surprised as if they know my feelings lately.
it says...

ZodiacFacts: #Sagittarius don't like when someone is being mysterious. It makes them wonder what you're trying to hide.

ZodiacFacts: Prove your words with your actions. #Sagittarius like people who do as they say.

ZodiacFacts: The Greatest Weakness of a #Sagittarius is their lack of expression in their feelings and         emotions and glossing over problems.

ZodiacFacts: A #Sagittarius is to busy living their life to be worried about what the next person is doing.
Gosh, I think they can read our mind, it mostly what annoys my thought in the past few days.....

So, this all about the girl who met a French guy in some bar, they talked, they laughed, they kissed, they exchanged number, he texted her, they met again, talked again, laughed again, and they met again in the next day, they went to the some historical places, they talked again, they laughed again, they had lunch and they went home separately.
After all those kind of activities that they had, he didn't texted her anymore at that day and the day after but when she arrived home and checked her facebook out she got a friend request from him. But it doesn't mean that she have to make a first move and she doesn't she think she should even if she would but she wont. she thinks he has to chase her if he wants to. No, he have to. cause he is a guy. (yeah, girls world first problem) haha.

And she finally asked to her friend who introduced her to that guy "hey, what I'm supposed to do? he haven't texted me after that day. I think he just not that into me" and her answer was "why don't you try to text him first? In France it's normal if a girl text a guy first. you have to kick your indonesian thoughts out for frenchguy's sake. you have to follow their flow."
Oh well, she changed her mind then and she saw him online on facebook and she chatted him for curious's sake! and all went well. they talked like they used to and suddenly she was shocking when he asked her a random question that she rarely got from a foreigner. Fyi, He's so cute as hell and funny as well but he's lil bit shy. But frankly said that shy guy doesn't kiss a girl in the bar, but who cares? haha. Anyway, they still keep in touch till now.

So in this case, Zodiac prediction helps her a lot to solve her problem, I meant after she have read all the predictions now she knows which way that she should have to take if this kind of situation attacks her. It was right, she doesn't like a guy who trying to be mysterious and she can't stand on something which is uncertain (like he wants her but he doesn't show his effort, etc) and she might have lack of expressions and too naive (yeah because girl usually do that to attract guys right? haha) and she hates when she over think too much about this kind of stuffs. So, if you're curious just make a move but not too much and stay classy. haha. Last but not least, not only zodiacs but friendship indicates a lot for the next level. So lads, ask your friend or his friend to be more cooperative. haha.

March 7, 2013

"Memories can be forgotten so I try to create tangible evidences of my life. I capture things, like fireflies at night, like valuable jewels and my camera transforms itself into treasure chest, holding my life's worth. I explore the open world and whether it be a real adventure or an intimate moment, it is save inside of my treasure chest; my jar of fireflies."