The Lady Finger

December 11, 2012

Chacha :')

When Lviv already covered by snow, Chacha just Instagram this picture for me and it's just so sweet :')


Love you heaps, Chacha.

December 3, 2012

Another 3rd of December, Another Age Has Come and Another Happiness Comes Around.

Thank you Lord for give me ups and downs in life. I cannot say thank you enough to You, how can You be so kind to me while I'm always show the worst part of me. You gave me an amazing family, you give me a tough mom, a supportive dad and a wise brother. My life so wonderful, you sent me a joy by giving good people around me. I cannot explain how happy I am and how blessed I am. Thank you for giving unforgettable lesson I've experienced in life, I  have never been so happy before. You know that I am not an expert prayer, You know that I had a million reason to not to pray but You always heard my plea. Oh God, Thank you for caring me from I had nothing to have something (even it's not that brilliant but it makes someone proud of me). Thank you God, for my sweet 23rd.