The Lady Finger

August 31, 2010

i feel lost, and no friends left behind..

have you ever felt that you're missed something to tell? have you ever felt that you're such a useless people on earth? have ever felt that you're such a lonely person? you have friends but your friends doesn't even care with you...?

may be friend means a lot in our lives.. they're said that they were know me well.
but, is it true?

do you know my size?
do you know my favorite food?
do you know what thing that i hate?
do you know what i like?
do you know who is my favorite artist?
do you really know my hobbies?
do you know my favorite color?
and there's so many questions in my mind.

i think they don't even know about it. because they don't really know that i am exist. did i selfish? i think no, i just always did something wrong, wrong in other people eyes. though, we've already 10 years being a best friends. doesn't mean that they're know you very well. in other side, you try so hard to keep their feelings. you won't make their mad but people sometimes didn't know about it, they didn't know about what you mean, about what you feel and about what you think.

the real best friend will remind you when you made a mistakes. they won't judging you about your mistakes but best friend always give a best solution to solve it (in my opinion). but we're not the same person with the same ideas. so, we can't to expect like what we want to expected.