The Lady Finger

January 26, 2011

there's a good in goodbye :)

It's been a week after the day when he-left-me-alone-in-the-corner.
well, Allah loves me more than i expected. God won't let me through this pain all by myself. i can't say thank you enough to God about what happened. God is too kind, He let me cried all night, felt me the pain, He let me slept only for 2 hours in that day. after that, God showed that life is still goes on without him because life is too short to regret.

Sebulan ini saya sedang kuliah kerja nyata dan Allah pun memberiku teman-teman yang sangat menyenangkan. sehingga sedih ini tidak begitu berlarut-larut. ya, untuk 2 minggu kedepan saya yakin sakit ini tidak akan begitu terasa. untuk kehidupan selanjutnya, bisa saya pikirkan setelah kkn berakhir. untuk saat ini saya sangat bahagia berada di Desa Sakawayana ini.

I believe there's always rainbow after the rain and there's good in goodbye.
everything is gonna be fine. i have bestfriends who always be there for me. my mom always motivated me if "there's always God in your heart, and you always love God more than you love yourself then He will gives you unlimited happiness in your life"

times will fix the things out :)

January 18, 2011

Things Changed

And the day that I scared the most was came. I'm here sat alone in a shelf thought that he was waiting to things changed. But he's never realized it. He decided to be with her and left me alone. Oh God, 4 months it's the most quickest time for me to let him go. I just can't still believe it. Time goes so fast.

The most painful feeling when you look someone you love is loving someone else. YaaAllah, it really hurts me:____(
He texted me, and told me that he's dating Her and he said that he still love me. What kind of bullshit is that??? why he said that? how dare him, said that he still love me when he already dating with someone else? he such a jerk!
He told me that I have to move on.
Oh.. God you know how I feel more than I. You know what we did more than us. You know everything that we've through.

My chest hurts, I feel like an elephant was kicked me.
Maybe God gives me a sign because I'm too in love with him more than I love you, dear God.
I know someday everything will looks so bright, everything will beautiful in Your way.

Please God, help me. Make me stronger. Please make everything simple.
I just need time to heal.

All I need is time to heal...

January 15, 2011

the more you wanna know the more you get hurt!

When you have feeling to know a bout your ex on facebook, twitter on in other social network, you will get much hurt. Oh my God, I just knew that he is seeing someone else. And it hurts me :( even I'm not longer his girlfriend, I still get jealous. You know, I've been dated for 3 years and he easily and so quick to forget me. I feel so weak. Really. it makes my tears comes up and I can't handle it. Ya ya ya, my friends have told me for a million times to move on and I've tried. but even we broke up, in a couple weeks ago we still went together, watched movie, hold hands, he kissed in my for head and we cried. We're still love each other, but there are the things that we can't fix. I just can't believe that he's fallin' in love with someone else.
after everything we've been through, how could him forget and let me go so quickly? Its like you don't even care about how I feel about the situation. I just can't still let him go.

Oh dear.... i know it sounds so lame. but this is how i feel.
i feel like, i see the light at the end of the tunnel, but no matter how hard i try, i just cant seem to reach it......................................................

January 1, 2011


HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's 2011 everyone!
Life goes so fast, isn't it? So much regret in 2010 but I've got too much blessing from God, and I feel blessed! Alhamdulillah, I've got almost everything that I wanted in 2010 but I've lose something, I lose something who really meant to me. My half heart was missing in September. You know, it's all my fault. I'm not suppose to regret anything that I've done! I don't have any resolutions. Just go with the flow, because people changes, shit happens and life goes on, right? I won't promise anything here, I just wanna be a better person. Learn from the past. I know God always beside me in any condition. I believe that!