The Lady Finger

October 3, 2010

I'm here, he's there.Things changed. It just got to be too hard.

We started on September 11, 2007 and we ended on September 29, 2010. after 3 years 19 days we've been together, we finally decided to ended the most long relationship we've had. aaaaaah! it's too sad, isn't it? it's too sad when you know that all wrong and mistakes are came by you (me). uuhm not only me, but us. it's too sad when you have to face it the world without him/her who usually they always be around us when we needed. i don't know, my eyes has been dry. i can't handle the tears to comes up. i'm too sad, don't you? i love you, i really do :'( how can i be so stupid like a little fish? did something who actually wrong, and you don't like if i did it. all can i say is sorry. i'm deeply sorry. but, you know what? i also feel so so so tired of this, not with you but the situation (the backstreet thing and how insensitive you are). i think this is the best way that we have choose. if we're meant to be, we will find its way, right? and i'm sure about that. i feel same like this quote "how the world seems so unfair, creating a love that cannot be shared as you go your way and i go mine"

you're the best thing that ever happened to me, i'm feel so glad for having a slice of cake with you, i'm so happy having an ice cream with you, went to some place that no one can't find us. to have had you in my life and being a little part of your life. i love you, Rozy :')