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July 27, 2013

Pangandaran Beach A Little Paradise in South Bandung (West Java)

Some people say that Pangandaran beach is lame, but for me this beach is kind of my second hommie. I quite often going to Pangandaran, like 3 times a year and I always liked being here, especially if I go with my foreigner friends, I can wearing a bikini (well, mostly local people in here if they see someone with bikini on the beach (except Bali and Lombok) they get too excited, they could sit near your bench and staring at you for hours) and pretending to be a Philippino or Thai people, so I don't have to speak Indonesian language with local people there. It's really fun pretending to be a foreigner, speak english with strange philippino or thai accents and mostly they believe that I came from those country! haha

It's really nice laying on the beach, having a coconut water while reading a very good book. I feel so relax. Let's forget about thes(hit)is thingy for awhile, shall we?

 photo IMG_20130721_105007.jpg

 photo mtf_SHkGW_339.jpg

 photo IMG_20130725_110547.jpg

And I saw the best sunset ever in here, I've never seen as pretty as this one before.

 photo IMG_20130721_124251.jpg

and we also went to the Green Valley water fall which really beautiful, but sadly when we went there the water became brownie because it was raining in the morning, and I didn't took a picture of it, but seriously it looks so pretty if it's not raining. We went to the turtles conservation, that was my favorite part to hold the sea turtle with my own hands. They are so cute and soft yet stinky. We ended up at the edge of rice filled, They seemed so happy with this journey. They even extend to stay longer here! Mission accomplished! I think I could be a Pangandaran ambassador. hihi

 photo IMG_20130722_184125.jpg

The dudes!

 photo ggg.jpg

July 14, 2013

Here We Go Again!

It's been ages since I let my film cameras stay in a dry box, now they are back in action. Lately, I love to use a black and white film for my fish eye camera, it adds a dramatic effect for the result and I was satisfied so far. I'm waiting for the right moment and the right mood to use my Diana F+ camera (just be patient, babe!)

So, here are the best results!

Long Way to Tubagus Ismail.

 photo 73380021.jpg

 photo 1.jpg

 photo IMG_0025.jpg

 photo 4.jpg

 photo 2.jpg

 photo 3.jpg

 photo 73380017.jpg

 photo 5.jpg

There was not an exact story behind these portraits, just found a simply unique objects on the way to my ex-boyfriend dorm which located in Tubagus Ismail street.

June 15, 2013

To Whom It May Concern

Dear, whoever you might be
I'm still waiting patiently...

June 3, 2013

Heart to Nowhere

Well it's hard to look deep into his soul, not everything she'll find will be perfect gold. She knows that her heart is no way strong enough to bare the sorrow that love brings. When will their heartbeats fall into line and the click-clack of their boot heels beat out the same time? And though She doesn't know his real name, his real age, or his shoe size. She will leave this bedroom chair, and this keyboard behind and though it kills her to know that when he is through, he goes to his real lover who'll put real kisses on him and this lonely heart has no use left for living. After finding her love in a heart so unpermitting, now she looks at love like being stabbed in the heart, their torture each other from day to day and then one day they are part. Most of the time it's misery but there's some joy at the start, for that she'd say it's worth it, just use a blade that's short and sharp on her. She means if love is just a game then how come it's no fun, if love is just a game how come she've never won. She guesses maybe it's possible She might be playing it wrong and that's why every time she rolls the dice she always come undone.

Credit by: Noah And The Whale

May 29, 2013

Ted Mosby says,

Sometimes, things have to fall apart to make way for better things. And then we agreed to go back to normal. I’m starting to wonder if we could have a really ‘just be friends’. Sometimes hours can feel like minutes; and sometimes a single second can last a lifetime. Sometimes love means taking a step back.If you care about somebody, you should want them to be happy even if you wind up being left out. I remember how she makes me feel, I just don’t completely remember her. It’s like I’m trying to preserve something that’s already gone.

Repost: Ghea Sagita's tumblr.

May 21, 2013

 photo tumblr_mi0eneq51F1s55wkuo1_500.png

May 7, 2013

The 4th Trademark Market 2nd-5th May 2013!

The biggest Local Brand Party is back in town! The 4th Trademark Market is back with different concept and it's time for Carnaval! It was my fist time for being a volunteer on this event. I was really curious to work on such a big event like this, I really want to involve so I asked Editha if they were still need a volunteer don't hesitate to contact me. So, I was so lucky because they contacted me right away. I become a Assistant Promotion and Media Partner so Editha was my boss.

Trademark Market is well-known as an emporium of unique products. So, all the tenants sells a local brand and it mostly made by Young Local Designers and Entrepreneurs. More than 90 booths were participating and there were also local bands and DJs who performing in this event.

Trademark Market Day 1, from 3-6pm is only allowed for the invitation holder and for public start from 7-10pm. I can't believe from 3-6 pm it reached 900 people with invitation who came to The Trademark Market and It was getting crazy when it the gate was opened for public, people even had to queue to get in.

 photo IMG_2579.jpg

 photo IMG_2581.jpg

baby giraffe and little puppy 

 photo IMG_2692.jpg

 photo 310044_578853688813015_7430968_n.jpg

 photo IMG_2609.jpg

 photo IMG_2566.jpg

Trademark Market is not only for fashion stuff, There were a yummy food, urban furniture and accessories

 photo IMG_2559.jpg

 photo IMG_2682.jpg

 photo IMG_2571.jpg

 photo IMG_2629.jpg

 photo IMG_2642.jpg

Met this cute little boy who hold dinosaur action figures to play with.

 photo IMG_2717.jpg

Trademark Market dudes!

 photo TM.jpg

Trademark Market 2013 has just finished, hope I could still be participating on the next event!

April 25, 2013

After 5 Years Of Waiting

So, I had another dream-comes-true moment. After 5 years of waiting The Kooks, watching all over their video on Youtube and I would be so freaking happy if I could see them live and yes, last night it just happened. 

So, at the first time I wanted to see them in Singapore when they were hold a concert there on July 2012, but miracle didn't work that way. My friend and I had a feeling, we're sure that they will held a concert in Indonesia someday. And miracle just happened on us this year, I heard that there will be some festival on April and they're inviting The Radio Dept, Delphic and The Kooks to perform! see, how miracle does exist! 

Last night, Luke was so damn sexy. I couldn't stand properly, his voice made my knees feel so weak.  I still can't believe what I saw last night, they were singing in front of me for God's sake! and yes I shed tears, it was my tears of happiness.

 photo kooks.jpg
(the best picture that I could took with my phone's camera. pardon the resolution)

March 21, 2013

Zodiac Rules The World.

Do you believe in Zodiac? I mean not literally believe in it as religion but more like you believe it because all the predictions sometimes right. haha. I always get excited if there is a zodiac prediction every day, sounds stupid but yeah, I do believe in it. 
And today, just checked my Sign on twitter and I was so surprised as if they know my feelings lately.
it says...

ZodiacFacts: #Sagittarius don't like when someone is being mysterious. It makes them wonder what you're trying to hide.

ZodiacFacts: Prove your words with your actions. #Sagittarius like people who do as they say.

ZodiacFacts: The Greatest Weakness of a #Sagittarius is their lack of expression in their feelings and         emotions and glossing over problems.

ZodiacFacts: A #Sagittarius is to busy living their life to be worried about what the next person is doing.
Gosh, I think they can read our mind, it mostly what annoys my thought in the past few days.....

So, this all about the girl who met a French guy in some bar, they talked, they laughed, they kissed, they exchanged number, he texted her, they met again, talked again, laughed again, and they met again in the next day, they went to the some historical places, they talked again, they laughed again, they had lunch and they went home separately.
After all those kind of activities that they had, he didn't texted her anymore at that day and the day after but when she arrived home and checked her facebook out she got a friend request from him. But it doesn't mean that she have to make a first move and she doesn't she think she should even if she would but she wont. she thinks he has to chase her if he wants to. No, he have to. cause he is a guy. (yeah, girls world first problem) haha.

And she finally asked to her friend who introduced her to that guy "hey, what I'm supposed to do? he haven't texted me after that day. I think he just not that into me" and her answer was "why don't you try to text him first? In France it's normal if a girl text a guy first. you have to kick your indonesian thoughts out for frenchguy's sake. you have to follow their flow."
Oh well, she changed her mind then and she saw him online on facebook and she chatted him for curious's sake! and all went well. they talked like they used to and suddenly she was shocking when he asked her a random question that she rarely got from a foreigner. Fyi, He's so cute as hell and funny as well but he's lil bit shy. But frankly said that shy guy doesn't kiss a girl in the bar, but who cares? haha. Anyway, they still keep in touch till now.

So in this case, Zodiac prediction helps her a lot to solve her problem, I meant after she have read all the predictions now she knows which way that she should have to take if this kind of situation attacks her. It was right, she doesn't like a guy who trying to be mysterious and she can't stand on something which is uncertain (like he wants her but he doesn't show his effort, etc) and she might have lack of expressions and too naive (yeah because girl usually do that to attract guys right? haha) and she hates when she over think too much about this kind of stuffs. So, if you're curious just make a move but not too much and stay classy. haha. Last but not least, not only zodiacs but friendship indicates a lot for the next level. So lads, ask your friend or his friend to be more cooperative. haha.

March 7, 2013

"Memories can be forgotten so I try to create tangible evidences of my life. I capture things, like fireflies at night, like valuable jewels and my camera transforms itself into treasure chest, holding my life's worth. I explore the open world and whether it be a real adventure or an intimate moment, it is save inside of my treasure chest; my jar of fireflies."

January 8, 2013

It's Been a Year!

Been a year of missing some people and a city that you've been in love for the rest of your life is like you have a multiple sickness! it hurts, even words can’t explain it.

January 6, 2013

It's 2013, Lads!

So, yeah it's 2013 motherfunkyyyyy!! oh well, 2012 was beyond amazingly amazing for me. So many ups and downs; unforgettable moments, crazy foreigner friends, sad yet silly love story, infinite experiences were all in one package.

Hari ini, tanggal 6 Januari tahun lalu, aku dan Orin lari-lari di Bandara Soekarno-Hatta dengan koper besar menuju ruang check-in tiket pesawat karena hampir ketinggalan pesawat menuju Ukraina. Hari ini di tahun lalu, petualangan baru dimulai. aku rindu masa-masa itu, aku rindu terbang dengan pesawat (sound so tacky, isn't it?) aku rindu salju, aku rindu murid-muridku, aku rindu teman-teman gilaku, aku rindu makan di restoran pizza langgananku, aku rindu menikmati coklat panas sambil melihat salju berjatuhan di Hochu Cafe. Ah, If I had a time machine and If I could turned back the time. I want to back to that time, when everything turns white and when everything looks exciting.

Pergantian tahun ini aku melewatinya dengan teman-temanku bersama bule-bule gila dari proyek yang lagi aku kerjakan sekarang. Pesta pergantian tahun yang sederhana, di salah satu rumah temanku. Pemandangan yang disajikan disana sangat indah, aku bisa melihat kota Bandung yang dipenuhi lampu dan kembang api sebelum jam 12 teng. Aku merasa beruntung, dikelilingi orang-orang baik disekitarku. Sahabat-sahabatku, ayah ibuku, teman-teman sepermainanku, rekan kerjaku, They are all awesome!

Dan pastinya di tahun 2013 ini aku sudah punya short term goals yang harus aku capai!
1. Graduate from this fucking 5 years of study like real soon!! (hope I could killed the laziness)
2. Could drive a car before my driver license expired.
3. Solo traveling as a real backpacker (without my green luggage).
4. Find a job with a great salary that could buy me a fancy thing (ngelunjak).
5. Lose weight (the hardest thing to do so far)

So everybody let's say amen to that! AMEEEEEEEEN....!

December 11, 2012

Chacha :')

When Lviv already covered by snow, Chacha just Instagram this picture for me and it's just so sweet :')


Love you heaps, Chacha.

December 3, 2012

Another 3rd of December, Another Age Has Come and Another Happiness Comes Around.

Thank you Lord for give me ups and downs in life. I cannot say thank you enough to You, how can You be so kind to me while I'm always show the worst part of me. You gave me an amazing family, you give me a tough mom, a supportive dad and a wise brother. My life so wonderful, you sent me a joy by giving good people around me. I cannot explain how happy I am and how blessed I am. Thank you for giving unforgettable lesson I've experienced in life, I  have never been so happy before. You know that I am not an expert prayer, You know that I had a million reason to not to pray but You always heard my plea. Oh God, Thank you for caring me from I had nothing to have something (even it's not that brilliant but it makes someone proud of me). Thank you God, for my sweet 23rd.

October 20, 2012

EASE Magazine October Issue is OUT NOW!


Just hit this link to read: