The Lady Finger

April 25, 2013

After 5 Years Of Waiting

So, I had another dream-comes-true moment. After 5 years of waiting The Kooks, watching all over their video on Youtube and I would be so freaking happy if I could see them live and yes, last night it just happened. 

So, at the first time I wanted to see them in Singapore when they were hold a concert there on July 2012, but miracle didn't work that way. My friend and I had a feeling, we're sure that they will held a concert in Indonesia someday. And miracle just happened on us this year, I heard that there will be some festival on April and they're inviting The Radio Dept, Delphic and The Kooks to perform! see, how miracle does exist! 

Last night, Luke was so damn sexy. I couldn't stand properly, his voice made my knees feel so weak.  I still can't believe what I saw last night, they were singing in front of me for God's sake! and yes I shed tears, it was my tears of happiness.

 photo kooks.jpg
(the best picture that I could took with my phone's camera. pardon the resolution)

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